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Extremely clean and very well maintained studio.  Highly knowledgeable staff with a wide variety of style. 

NoCo Studio

Where your story becomes a masterpiece on your skin.

Welcome to NoCo Studio, a haven of artistic expression and creativity where ink meets imagination.  Our studio is more than just a place to get a tattoo - it's a canvas for stories, emotions, and individuality to unfold.

We believe that tattoos are more than just designs; they are an extension of your identity, a way to wear your passions, memories, and beliefs on your skin.  With a team of skilled artists, we are dedicated to turning your ideas into intricate works of art that you'll carry with pride.

Our studio is a sanctuary of inspiration, where your vision comes to life through the careful hands of experienced professionals.  Whether you're seeking a timeless classic, a contemporary masterpiece, or a personalized symbol that holds deep meaning, our artists are here to collaborate with you and create a tattoo that speaks volumes.

Step into NoCo Studio and embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-expression, and artistry.  We invite you to explore our artist portfolios, meet our talented team, and experience the magic of bringing your imagination to life through ink.

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Meet our Artists

In 2005, Jake Doyle walked into a tattoo studio in Fort Collins looking for his chance at an apprenticeship.  That studio was Joker’s Wild and Jake was hoping for a chance to apprentice under Thomas “Webb” Rivard.  After a year of walking into that shop countless times, Webb’s wife, Vicki, decided to take a chance on Jake and start him as a body piercer.  While not the apprenticeship he had in mind, he was grateful to Vicki for providing an opportunity to get his foot in the door.  It wasn’t long before Webb took notice and took Jake on as an official tattoo apprentice.

Jake did know at the time that he would have the honor of being the last apprentice brought up by Webb who passed away December 23, 2011 from Cancer.

Webb’s spirit and teachings are kept alive through Jake at NoCo Studio via both his professional practice and in how he educates his own apprentices.  Jake is forever grateful for the opportunities and relationships that tattooing have brought to him.  He strives to develop a personal connection with each client while ensuring that he exceeds their expectations.

Jake’s work is well known and his client base is well established.  He has a true passion for the artistic and crafting side of tattooing and works to grow and learn with every piece he does.  Jake is known for his attention to detail, clean work, and unique realistic style.


Jake Doyle

Owner / Tattoo Artist / Lead Piercer


(Chelsea Coronado)

Tattoo Artist

Chelsea has been an artist for as long as she can remember.  Art has been a passion of hers throughout her entire life.

Chelsea attended the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design where she received her BFA in Painting.  She then expanded on her artistry and shifted into the world of tattooing in 2016.  As an apprentice for Jake Doyle at NoCo Studio, Chelsea began a new journey.

Dedicating her life and artistic abilities to the art of tattooing, Chelsea states, "I am honored to be part of this path to help people create their individual tattoo vision.  There is constant growth in this journey and I am filled with gratitude to share this growth with clients, friends, and family."

Chelsea believes that brining art and vision to a tattoo is a process, which includes helping her clients by providing a comfortable experience and having them leave with a tattoo that they can be proud to carry with them.

She hopes to tattoo for as long as possible and bring happiness, beauty, and joy to people by fulfilling their tattoo dreams.

Chelsmosis focus is in black and grey, geometric, ornamental, and realism.


Nate Danger

Tattoo Artist

(Nathan Fritzen)

Joker's Wild was not only the starting point for Jake Doyle, but also for Nate.  He completed his apprenticeship under Thomas "Webb" Rivard and worked with him for years.

Much like the teachings incorporated into NoCo Studio, Nate learned the art of tattooing.  This meant learning how to build needles and mixing inks all while cleaning the shop, booking appointments for other artists, running errands and building tattoo machines.

As a professional Tattoo Artist, Nate's goal is to always turn his client's idea into a head turning piece of art.  He accomplishes this in a clean and safe environment always.  This process includes the design consultation, illustration, and the skillful application of the tattoo.

Nate not only works hard on his art and tattooing process, but also on creating a fun and memorable experience for each client.  He takes the time to design custom pieces with the client present so that it can truly be made into exactly what the client has envisioned.  He is an award winning artist that has been in this industry for 22 years.

Raetic Art

Lead Tattoo Apprentice

(Toby Hutsell)

Toby has always been interested in art of all mediums; drawing, painting, sculpting, woodworking, and many more forms of art. 


He has a BFA in Animation and Game Design from SCAD in Georgia.  Toby is a Colorado native and returned home where he is now working at NoCo Studio as the Lead Apprentice under Jake Doyle. 

Toby specializes in character design and thoroughly enjoys drawing anything where he can incorporate in a cartoon or bubbly style.  Colorful art is also a favorite.

Toby's apprenticeship started in October of 2019 and he began tattooing in September of 2021.  If you have seen his Instgram and TikTok followings, you will know how amazingly talented he is and we cannot wait to see him grow more.


Kaila Machado

Tattoo Apprentice

In 2021, Kaila became an apprentice under Jake Doyle.  A childhood dream of hers was to become a Tattoo Artist and now that dream is coming true.

Kaila went to college for Game Art and Design and then became a Certified Nursing Assistant.  She then moved into being a machinist and then operating her own Graphic Design company.

"Jake has been an amazing mentor and continues to task me with intensive assignments to hone my skills.  I am absolutely grateful to the education he is willing to teach me and now I have been given the opportunity to prove my abilities."

Kaila sees herself mostly working in illustrative and surrealism design with a focus on black and grey.


Tattoo Apprentice

Regan is a pencil and paper artist who has been refining her artistic skills for over 20 years.  She has started her Tattoo Artist career with NoCo Studio.

After searching for the right Tattoo Master to apprentice under, Regan found NoCo Studio and shop owner, Jake Doyle.  Regan felt this would be a perfect fit and pursued an apprenticeship under Jake.

In July of 2022, Regan began this new journey under the teachings and guidance of Jake.

Outside of working at the shop, Regan enjoys spending time with her significant other and their two furbabies. 





Tyler Piasse

Tattoo Apprentice

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Tattoo Equipment


Heart with Wings
At NoCo Studio, we specialize in creating custom tattoos that are tailored to your unique style and personality. Our artists work with you to ensure that your design is perfect before starting the tattoo process. Click here to view our Studio Gallery and choose an Artist today.


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